Colour hygiene

GREEN: Green, eco-friendly, recycling of materials
PINK: Respect and care for others
ORANGE: Creativity of use and customisation
LIGHT BLUE: Identity and support of corporate values

Tuo e mio is available in four different colours to differentiate the linen for up to four guests.

Bathroom accessory

Do you want to make a difference in the details? In the courtesy set you offer your guests extra attention for their personal hygiene.

Tuo e Mio is a new accessory designed for guests. Cute and easy to place it is the perfect way to distinguish bathroom linen for those who live together and share space outside the home.

No more confusion between towels

Each guest can choose the colour they prefer and easily add Tuo e Mio to the edge of the washbasin or bidet towel. Everyone will easily recognise their own towel on all occasions.

A discreet and light detail

Made of recyclable material, light and pleasant to the touch, Tuo e Mio does not disturb the use of bathroom linen: it is conceived and designed to be noticed without being intrusive.
It adapts to any type of fabric or thickness: from the towel to the bath towel or the matching bathrobe.

The basic set

Tuo e Mio is already packed in small boxes, each containing 3 pieces of the same colour.
Each change of linen will be accompanied by a pack of Tuo e Mio.

Tuo e Mio:

Tuo e Mio integrates hygiene and guest care into your value system.
It is the economical clip to help keep the towels in your establishment tidy for the full duration of all your guests’ stays and ensures more effective linen management.









Select the packages you want and, depending on the purchase quantity, you will immediately receive a discount on your order total.

Quantity Discount
1000 – 2000 3%
2100 – 3000 5%
3100 – 5000 7%
5100 – 10.000 10%
More than 10.000 Contact US!

Each box contains 100 packs of Tuo e Mio for a total of 300 clips! Buy the number of packs you want now

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